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Deported for being too sexy?

At a festival in the Saudi Arabian capital, three men were ejected and deported...for being too handsome.

I am not making this up. [link]

If I were them, I would totally move to a country where bars were everywhere and spring this on EVERY FEMALE EVER. "Hey baby, you ever met a guy who got kicked out of a country for being hot?" -points at self- "Now you have."


I bet they're not even mad about it. How can you be mad about THAT?

[EDIT] This ---> [link] is one of the guys who was deported for being too handsome.





Oh, no. No. There is no way all that can exist in one place.


No wonder the cultural festival guys claimed to be worried about women stripping naked into unholy writhing piles of sex because of this guy and the two others!!! I mean...ALKDJFLKJDF!!!!!


This obviously has nothing to do with Faerie Tales, but it is something that a lot of people seem to have problems with, and I'd like to offer my two cents on it.

Have you ever gone out with friends, either to a bar or restaurant or whatever, and either you or one of your friends said they didn't want to drink anything alcoholic, or didn't want spicy food or something of that sort, and had someone in the group try to push it on them anyway?
It doesn't seem like a big deal, I know, but for some people it is, and it gets to be a problem after a while. If you offer someone a drink or food and they respond with "No thank you.", your response should not be to ask why they don't, insist that they try it or anything other than "Okay!" If someone responds to someone else saying they don't like a certain food or drink by saying "Oh, you HAVE to like -insert food/drink here-! It's so good!" or otherwise insisting on it, then that person is essentially telling the first that they don't think their opinion is valid and they believe that they know that person's tastes better than that person themselves.

Remember: What one person likes isn't necessarily what another person will like. Everyone is free to have their own tastes and opinions, and their reasons for it may be totally different than someone else's! For instance, one of my friends I met at training for the CCC (California Conservation Corps) is a vegetarian. He chooses not to eat meat not out of a moral thing or because of an allergy or anything else, he just considers most meat unhealthy and prefers to avoid it. I'm a carnivore, but I didn't try to push my taste on him. In fact, when he offered to have me try some of his vegetarian food, I tasted a little bit and it was actually pretty darn good!

Another example: I don't eat pizza. I used to, but I recently got to where even the smell of it makes me ill. I know that this is weird, and there are many different kinds of pizza and thus many different tastes, but I just don't like any of it, and having someone insist I try the kind they're having or that I have to like it just irritates the heck out of me. Someone assuming they know my taste better than me, or that I absolutely must like what they like, is just plain rude.

Also, I don't drink, and I don't like spicy things, even things that everyone says aren't actually spicy like bell peppers. Bell peppers still burn my mouth, and I don't like the taste. I hate the burning sensation that others seem to like, and you know what? Nothing wrong with that. I shouldn't have to explain to people why I don't like the burn or bitterness of alcohol, nor should I have to explain that I am very sensitive to anything with the acids that create spicy flavor. A simple 'no thanks' should be enough. However, I am well aware that in many cases, this isn't enough.

Some people will insist on trying to dictate to others what they eat or drink, or try to shame them into consuming the same thing they are. Calling someone a wimp because they don't eat peppers, or saying they're being a pansy for not drinking, for example. Trying to force someone to enjoy something they have expressed dislike for is extremely rude, and often the person doesn't even realize they're being rude.

A good response is generally "Why does it matter to you what I eat/drink?" If that does not work, a good fallback is "Look, I don't like -insert food or drink here-. It's fine that you like it, but I don't, and I'd appreciate if you stop trying to force it on me. It's really not cool of you to keep pushing something I don't want on me." Try to be polite, but if they start being bullying or obnoxious, feel free to tell them to back the hell off, or just plain leave. No one has the right to force things you don't want on to you, especially something so trivial.

As to why some people do this..part of it could be a herd mentality. For example, drinking at a party. If everyone around is drinking, and there's one person sitting there with water or lemonade or something like that, then some of the ones drinking alcohol may feel like you're silently judging them for drinking, and this may make them try to get you to drink because they feel uncomfortable. It may be that anyone doing anything different seems weird. They may be controlling, and not like the fact that you don't fit perfectly into the niche they think you should. Heck, they may genuinely enjoy what they're trying to get you to do, and want to share that enjoyment with you, and they may not understand how you feel about it.

Regardless of why they're doing it, it's not something they should be doing. If it's a recurring problem, try to take them aside and explain to them politely that you appreciate that they're trying to share something they like with you, but you just don't share that particular taste and it bothers you when they keep insisting on you doing something you don't want to, and you'd like if they stopped. If they are really your friend, they'll understand and back off. If they start throwing a tantrum or getting angry with you, that person isn't worth hanging around with if they are going to be that controlling and childish.

Worse yet, if they try to sneak whatever it is you've expressed dislike for into your food or drinks, such as spiking your soda with alcohol or slipping a food you've said you don't like into your food (sneaking peppers onto a burger, for example), they clearly don't care about how you feel. It's not a joke, it's not funny, and heaven forbid if it's something you're allergic to, it could be downright deadly. If someone does that to you, leave. Right then and there. You don't have to explain yourself to them, and if they're willing to go to such dishonest lengths to force something you don't want on you, then they are not your friend and they have some major problems. ESPECIALLY if it's something you're allergic to...if you've told someone you're allergic to a certain thing, and they sneak it into your food or drink to see if it's true, or to see what happens, they could be held accountable for attempted manslaughter. They are a poisoner, and to reiterate, NOT YOUR FRIEND. Leave, and don't let them try to butter you up or make it seem like it's not a big deal. It is a big deal. People have died because of someone pulling something like that on them. It is not safe. It is not acceptable. And overall, IT IS NOT FUNNY.

If you're someone who tries to push something you like onto your friends, even if you do it in a friendly and playful manner, or it's something you really like and think they would too, please, stop. Think about what you're saying. You are disregarding the preferences they have told you, and disrespecting them because of it. You are essentially stating that you know better than they do what they would like, and don't care what they think or how they feel about it. It's disrespectful and rude and you're hurting your friend's feelings and probably making them extremely frustrated. Learn to take no for an answer. No one should have to explain why they don't want a certain thing, if they don't want it then they don't want it, and that's a good enough reason.

This also goes for movies and other things...if someone says they don't like a certain genre of movie, or they don't want to go see a particular movie, forcing them into it won't change their minds and will in fact make them dislike it even more, because they'll have that added frustration of someone trying to force it on them. For example, my ex loves sci fi. I do not. He tried to insist on me watching sci-fi tv shows and movies, just because there were a few instances of sci-fi that I did like, like Firefly and the Star Trek movie. He insisted that I watch the Star Wars movies, and managed to get me to watch one. I don't remember it, I didn't like it and I certainly didn't want to watch the rest of them, which made him very upset and he would get pretty angry if I tried to tell him that I just didn't like it, or if I tried to change the subject when he started talking at length about a certain sci-fi thing. I think he thought I was being disrespectful towards the things he likes, but I really wasn't. I just wasn't a fan, I'd told him that, and I had no interest in hearing about the plot of some sci-fi thing that I was never going to be interested in. A lot of people do this to their friends and don't even realize it. If someone says "No, that's not really my thing." Then don't push it. They know their mind better than you do, don't disrespect them by insisting that they don't. Even if you think it's a thing they would really like, if they say they don't want to or aren't in the mood for it, then respect their choice. You are not a very good friend if you try to force something they don't want on them, even if you're convinced that they'd like it if they gave it a chance. If you force them into it, even if it WAS something that they'd like if they found it on their own, you've preemptively set them against it by your insistence. No one likes a thing if they're forced to, even if it was a thing they'd like on their own.

Hopefully this has helped a few people out there!


I'm...very disappointed with the trailers for Hansel and Gretel that I've seen. Really, why are they even calling it that? They could just call it Witch Hunters or anything else and name the characters something else, and it'd be the exact same movie. It has nothing in common with the original story. Plus, I'm rather sick of the constant turning of childhood classics into another adrenaline junkie blast-everything-to-bits fest that Hollywood keeps doing.

I am sort of looking forward to Disney's newest movie ( Frozen, based on the Ice Queen story which surprisingly few people know. Supposed to be coming out sometime this year, haven't seen any trailers for it released yet but I've seen some of the concept art and production work.) and I'm really hoping it'll be hand-drawn, as some of the concept art seems to indicate, rather than CG. Still, knowing how many animators they've let go and how few 2D animators are still working there (several of the ones who were working there who lost their jobs were artists I knew online) I'm not holding a lot of hope for that. I did enjoy Brave, even if the fast-talking modern-day-reference making, electric-tool using witch did kind of throw off the period feel of it. Wreck it Ralph was okay, but everything went by a bit fast for my liking...the relationships didn't seem to form naturally, they were rather rushed in my opinion.

Anyway, I'm hoping that the newer movies coming out will be somewhat of an improvement, but I'm not holding too much hope for it.

Not exactly the lion king...


Don't pretend you've never done it!

Moved, and what?

I...am not entirely sure how to feel.

Zack (my boyfriend) and I just moved into our own condo (still looking for a tenant for the third room, so if anyone's in the Santa Maria CA area and interested let us know!), and are still in the process of organizing and unpacking. While doing so yesterday, I heard the doorbell ring, so of course I answered. Outside was a thirteen-ish year old boy, doing that magazine hawking thing that schools do quite often. He grinned down at me (I AM SHORT OKAY) and asked;

"Hi little girl! Are your parents home? I'd like to talk to them if they are!"

I stared blankly at him for a moment before declaring that I'm twenty-two and this is MY condo. He seemed pretty shocked. I'm not entirely sure he believed me.

Then today the internet guy came in, and while setting up after I mentioned that Zack probably had the router password, he told me I'd have to talk to my husband and get it from him to use the router properly. I hadn't mentioned my relationship with Zack, I'd just mentioned his name.

So, I both look young enough for thirteen year olds to call me little girl, and old enough to be married? I am confuse.

Slice of Life blog

Howdy! I have started a blog over on Blogspot, which is sort of a hybridization of a slice-of-life comic and a journal blog. I'll be telling weird stories of everyday life, observations and various things that I think are weird or funny, using both words and illustrations. I haven't quite set up a drawing style for it yet-I'm trying to design something that's fairly simple and that I can draw quickly, but that still looks good-but the first post I did a lot of my friends said I looked like Lilo in, and I certainly need to get practice drawing animals again-I'm really rusty on that-so the style will be changing around a bit for the first part of it. I also don't have the layout done yet-If anyone is good at coding and can help me out with the HTML I'd greatly appreciate it-but I'll be working on it.

It's over on http://faetouchedinthehead.blogspot.com if anyone cares to look, and I have annotated faerie tales (also with artwork) on my other blog http://faeriefails.blogspot.com if that's more your speed, and there's more currently up there. Most chapters of the Pinocchio story do not have artwork, however, and the ones that do kind of suck because puppets creep me out and I really, really really don't want to draw them!



So, there's some obnoxious little kid running around all over the net, making multiple accounts on websites like TVtropes, the Disney Wiki, youtube and several other places, seemingly for only one person-to tote their opinion that Belle, of Disney's Beauty and the Beast, has hazel eyes rather than brown, despite boatloads of evidence to the contrary.

The evidence this person presents: Her eyes have this greenish look in the remastered editions of the movie (By the way, they've admitted to never having seen the 1991 video release) and look greenish in some of the merchandise.

The evidence for brown eyes:
Several direct quotes from Paige O'Hara, the voice of Belle, herself in multiple interviews.
Cover art and concept artwork from the movies.
The original release.
A lot of merchandise.
Preferred eye color for actresses playing Belle in the Disney parks.
The Kingdom Hearts games.
ANY video game in which Belle shows up.
And more...

So, I think it's pretty obvious what the real answer is. However, this person won't let up, to the point of calling Paige O'Hara ignorant or even a liar. Seriously, dude? Really? Honestly, I don't think this kid even believes what they're saying, and is just trying to troll, having WAY too much time on their hands. That, or they themselves have hazel eyes and want their favorite princess to look like them, so they're trying to change it to what they want.

I've pointed out my evidence to them multiple times, to which they've replied with their one and only retort- "BUT THEY LOOK GREENISH!" and have provided no other evidence to their end.

Stupid thing to be bothered by, but it's annoying that this person is causing so much irritation for Wikipedia, TV tropes and anywhere else this moron visits, to the point that the Disney Wiki (if they haven't changed it yet, I haven't bothered to visit for a while) pretty much gave in and put hazel as her eye color to shut them up. Letting such a childish brat 'win' just to make them shut up is pretty sad, especially when blocking their IP address (which they don't seem to know how to change, and is part of how I know it's the same person doing it all) is a valid option.

Bleh. Kids these days. This one needs a hobby. I'm tired of wasting time trying to undo this snot's damage, and I'm fairly sure the mods of these sites are too. Would it be possible to just...block this person off the internet entirely until they learn some manners?

Character theft and Trolls

Running a group on DA dedicated to stopping art/character theft has given me an insight as to just how rampant character and art theft can really become before anyone catches them, and by that time they may well be falsely 'famous' and have a fan following who will defend them with foaming mouths and profanity regardless of their guilt. There's one in particular who I've come across who just ticks me the heck off.

This artist, known as leovictor64 on FurAffinity.net and most likely on DA, as I've been informed he's there too but haven't checked yet, does a lot of feral artwork, mostly centering around the lioness Evana and many similar characters. He's admittedly a very good artist, but the thing is, Evana and the others he draws do not belong to him.

Evana belongs to Evana of Deviantart.com, as do most of the other lion characters he depicts in his comics (basically turning them into super-sayans from DBZ) and pornography. Speaking with Evana herself, she informed me that he's been trolling her rather viciously, insisting that he has to 'save' her own characters from her because she doesn't draw them the way he thinks they should be-namely, she doesn't draw porn of them and turn them into DragonBall Z ripoffs.

This is bullshit. If he wants to create his own characters to draw in such a manner, then fine, let him, but shamelessly stealing someone else's characters and portraying them as his own, particularly in ways that the real owner specifically said she really doesn't want them shown, and twisting them to his own ends when he could just as easily create his own characters is just WRONG. She even warned me about speaking out against him out of fear that he'd start trolling me too, and start either messing with my characters or simply leaving obnoxious notes and comments all over my pages.

This is bull. That he is garnering a fandom and recognition for artwork depicting someone else's characters without giving her the slightest nod of credit is unacceptable. If he at the very least placed copyright notices on them, that'd be one thing, but that he's not even bothering to do that-or at least, he did when I contacted an FA admin and they told him to do so, but he took them back down a short while later when he figured no one was paying attention-is total bull. I don't care how good his artwork is, he's a shameless trolling thief who could easily create characters of his own, nix using Evana's characters and it'd be over and done with. He could do whatever silly thing he wanted to with his own characters, but no-he's decided he has to 'save' her characters because she didn't turn them into DBZ anime ripoffs or draw pornography of them.

Utter. Complete. Bull. And one of the things that makes me lose a bit more of my faith in humanity-and there's not a whole lot of that left.

Hell of a year

First off, let me apologize for not having posted anything in so long. I've been...busy. Like, got kicked out onto the streets by my mother (over cheesecake, and no I'm not making that up), had to leave behind everything I own except for a small laundry bag of clothes, including my pets (I miss my cats and my dog Jack so much...) and would have most likely wound up dead in a ditch somewhere if a dear friend, now my boyfriend, hadn't taken me in. So I'm in Cali now, have literally no money, and am only able to access a computer because his mom had an extra laptop she's letting me borrow for the time being. Most of the clothes I have doesn't even fit me properly-the one pair of jeans I had until my boyfriend's brother's fiancee bought me a new set, I could hardly wear because it was so big it constantly threatened to fall off, but yeah. Even with all that though, I'm...sort've happy.

Yeah, I can hear the "Wha?" from here.

The thing is, back at the house (I won't call it home because it never was) ever since I was a child, it was constant fighting, being told I was worthless either due to my gender (incredibly chauvinist father) or because of different ideals I held or whatever, getting punished constantly for things I didn't do because of a combination of having problems with my memory and a sister who was good at lying, and generally being, as TVtropes would put it, the "Red-headed stepchild" or unwanted black sheep of the family. Now...now I don't have to deal with that anymore. Sure I can't afford the food, shelter, or clothes I need, what with not being able to find a job and all yet, but thanks to Zack (my boyfriend) and his family, I'm not on the streets, and I don't have to deal with the constant fighting or threats toward my own well being or my animals and such anymore. I haven't been in contact with...not going to call them my family anymore, since they're not...them ever since, so I don't know how my animals are doing or if they're even still alive...I let the cats loose, and I was told that my dog Jack would be taken care of...but I honestly don't know how much trust I can place in that. In any case-that's all over with now. The past-everything I once knew-is truly in the past now. There's no going back, there's no ties holding me there anymore-it's all gone. Some people find that terrifying. I honestly find it liberating.

Now I've got a brand new future, new friends, a wonderful boyfriend who is the greatest guy I could ever hope for (being a big huggable teddy bear doesn't hurt either) and though things are still really rocky right now, and will be until we can afford a place to live on our own (we're planning on sharing an apartment with a friend of his from the gaming group-yes we're all gamers), I'm still happier.

In relation to the no monies thing, I'm actually taking commissions now (since his mom was nice enough to let me put Photoshop on the computer) and though I can't do drawings or such right now, since I have no drawing tablet anymore, I'm taking commissions for the little animated pony trotters like the one that's my icon right now. So, if you'd like one for yourself or a friend or anything like that, just drop me a note on www.albinomink.deviantart.com, and I'll whip one up for you! I'm also working on making a gryphon one as well, but those aren't quite ready yet. If you're interested in one of those, let me know and I'll speed up the process as much as I can.

Anyway, the end of a year also brought with it the end of a life-and the start of a  new one. Here's hoping this one'll be better than the last!

Baby Sea Turtles

I think I've suddenly gained a great deal of respect for the Tai Royal Navy.



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